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Modigliani-Miller for Climate Change Financing

In recent years, attention has focused on alternative instruments to finance projects to combat climate change. Advocates of these so-called “Green Bonds” sometimes argue that the bonds result in the financing of more “green” projects and are thus a critical weapon in the battle against climate change. While...
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10 Infamous ‘Last Words’ of Personal Finance

Managing your finances can be confusing. You might hear all sorts of advice that seems prudent. And you might assume that you’re taking the right approach by acting on this advice. But what seems like a smart course of action might actually jeopardize your financial security. Here are...
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How to Avoid 5 Costly Credit Card Traps

When used properly, credit cards are extremely valuable personal finance tools. Credit cards can offer four big benefits: 1. Responsible usage of a credit card is the easiest way to build a good credit score. Despite widespread myths, you don’t need to go into debt to have a...
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