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Investment in technology key to CAMS growth: CEO

CAMS manages vast data for mutual funds, private equity, banks, NBFC, insurance companies and even brokerages. As mutual fund investments are long-term in nature, technology platforms business processes and controls are designed to protect the interest of investors. This includes special processes for managing dormant investor accounts, minor...
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Give Your Investment Portfolio a Stress Test

When John Navin, a certified financial planner based in Nashville, Tennessee, meets a new client, the first thing he does is run his or her portfolio through a series of stress tests. “We test the portfolio against 60 different circumstances that could happen in the economy,” says Navin,...
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12 Top Scams Affecting Your Pocketbook

It seems like there’s always a new scam making the rounds, and even those who are savvy can fall for them. Here are 12 of the latest scams that you should watch out for — including phone scams, online scams, investment scams and others — and how you...
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